Sometimes I wish was a kid because kids live in their own world. If anyone scolds them they feel bad for a certain period of time and then they forget everything. Kids never think about what will happen tomorrow. They live in present. They never worry about future. As an adult, we constantly think about our future and sometimes thinking about future makes us sad or worried.kids1

As an adult, we live in a constant pressure and tension which makes our lives perturbed. Nobody judge kids no matter how harsh they behave how they walk or talk. Nobody hates kids or even sometimes somebody hates them they don’t care about it.
Kids live their life freely and happily without worrying about anything. Nobody betrays them. The only betrayal they face is from a friend who fights with them and plays with another friend. Kids don’t look at anybody as their enemy. Kids make friends easily. They play in the sun all day during holidays without caring about sunburn. Simple things make them laugh. Complicated things make them cry. I wish I could laugh so hard like a kid.kid68

Life seems happy to kids. They neither think about failure nor do they think about success. Kids never think about impressing anyone. If kids are sad they go to their mother and feels everything is okay.

Nobody breaks their heart,
And if anyone breaks it,
They cry out loud in mommy’s arm.
They fall asleep on daddy’s lap,
They feel protected when they’re with their dad.

Kids forgive and forget easily. Their life is very easy and simple. No complication, no headache, kids live their lives in full joy and faith.


I want to go back to no sadness, no fear, no pain, no gain, just laughter and happiness because I wanna live happily ever after. I want to be carefree…..

Share your thoughts and your childhood memories in the comment section. I would love to hear your story.


39 thoughts on “I WISH I WAS A KID

  1. Children are so innocent, no responsibilities or worries. I had a lovely childhood. I used to go to my Grandmas for a roast every Sunday and she had a huge house where I could play with every toy imaginable for hours! Lovely post, thank you.

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  2. Yes I would wish same thing as you. However since the reality we can’t go back anymore and that we know how cruel is the world is, all I want is for our child to be prepared. I was happy when I prayed for a boy and Allah has blessed us one. Because at least a man is stronger to face the world.

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  3. Such a lovely article. I think back to how many times I wished I was older when I was young and oh how I regret it. The older you get the more issues and responsibilities lol and that’s not fun. I really miss those simple days sigh (www.spicyfusionkitchen.com)

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  4. It is crazy how we were all in such a hurry to grow up huh? Although I don’t miss being a child, I do miss being in my early twenties. I regret rushing through university so I could get a “real job” and “grow up”. Those were my years to experiment and discover who I was. Instead, I only focused on the practical. I wish I’d appreciated that phase of life.

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  5. Just stumbled across your blog and really enjoyed reading this article. Took me back to my childhood growing up in the desert of the Emirates were it was always summer! I miss those times but I don’t wish for them back. I believe childhood memories should be treasured but we should remain positive that we can create just as happy memories if we choose to. Dwelling in the past may prevent us from realising just how much potential the present and future hold for us. Well, at least this is how I feel at 19, not even a proper adult yet 😉 .
    – Hanifah

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  6. Nice blog..👌 want to share my childhood memory.. my father had saloon shop.. i cn remember dat golden days wen i was in 3rd n 4th standard.. wen my dad came from saloon at every night they brings cream roll from sharm bakery.. dat bakery was very famous..Cream roll was my fav.. still it is..Dat time I mad for cream roll as compared to chocolate.. they never forget to bring it for me.. nw a days whenever I eat cream roll.. i remember dat glossy days… 🤗❤️

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