A Talk with an Angel

It was the month of December the weather was bleak. It was snowing all night long. The branches of the tree hang low with the weight of the snow. The crisp, white snow was spread everywhere it was looking like somebody had laid a sparkling white sheet. The surface of Bella’s black car should have been glossy black, but, in the early morning, it glistened pale under a layer of frost. When Bella touched the door of her car her hand stuck like a glue on it, she managed to remove her hand and started searching the keys of her house when she got the key she opened the house, hurriedly went into the kitchen and poured some hot water on her hand.


Her hand was paining so she decided not to go to the office and kept her bag in her bedroom. As she was coming downstairs in the kitchen, her cute cat Lilly followed her. Lilly was a white and fluffy cat with blue eyes and a long tail. Bella made a hot cup of coffee and took her mug in her left hand as her right hand was paining and she wasn’t able to hold anything in that hand and went to her living room. She sat on a couch which was near the window, took her laptop and was looking at her Facebook profile. She saw photos of her friend Miranda. Miranda posted some photos of herself enjoying in Paris with her family. After watching those photos Bella got irritated and started cursing her own life. She started talking to herself and said: “I can’t enjoy my life I have to work every day and Miranda has her own business she has more money than me, she can go anywhere and have so much fun and on and on……” She felt that someone’s listening to her, she got up and looked out of the window “nobody’s here she said to herself.” As she turned around she was shocked to see an angel. The angel was dressed white and she was very beautiful. When Bella looked at the angel she smiled and said I heard everything.


Bella said in a hesitating manner “what?” Sit down dear, I’m not here to harm you, cooed the angel. Bella sat on the couch looking at the angel in astonishment. The angel said what is your problem dear? Do you really hate your life? Yes, I really hate my life answered Bella quickly. I can’t enjoy my life. I don’t have a single happy day in my life. My life sucks Bella went on and on. After listening to all her complains the angel said “ well you think your life is miserable right? Have you ever noticed people below you? There are a lot of people in this world who do not have what you have but still, they are happy with whatever they have. Don’t compare your life with anyone who is above you (richer than you) because you’ll always feel disappointed with God. When you see a person with more materialistic fortune than you, you feel that you should be there in that place or you want the same things as they have, wanting what they have is a package which comes with their hardships, problems, responsibilities, family issues, pain and maybe a darkness in their heart as well. If you were told to take their wealth, but with all the sorrows they have with it, will you then want it? Bella replied softly No, definitely not. The angel smiled and said, “focus on your life dear and you’ll be happy be happy with whatever you have.” After saying this sentence the angel said goodbye to Bella and went away.

All that day Bella was thinking about the words of that beautiful angel. At night when she was lying on her bed the words of the angel were persisted in her mind and after a while, she fell asleep.


8 thoughts on “A Talk with an Angel

  1. Small but very meaning full blog.. Angel gave very life supporting advice.. it’s true.. if we are compering our self n life wid other dat means we are insulting our self.. be stand on wat we hve and wat we are… Nice Dear Bushra.. keep writing.. never down ur pen..❤️


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