Abigail’s Miraculous Life

Chapter 2: Abigail’s Clothing Store


Abigail woke up a little late. When she looked at her watch, it was 7:30 AM  she shouted Adriel we’re late. Abigail went to Adriel’s bedroom and woke her up. Both of them got ready. They were getting late for work so without eating breakfast, they ran out of the house sat in their car and went to their new shop which they had purchased just before purchasing their house. Her shop was on the main street. One restaurant was there on the main street, Abigail parked her car in front of it and got to the restaurant and got coffee and doughnuts for both of them. After reaching to their shop they both had their coffee and ate their doughnuts.


After finishing breakfast Abigail said okay, let’s do some work now I’ll set up clothes you do the purses and sandals. Okay, replied Adriel. Time flew so fast that they didn’t even realize that they did not have their lunch. It was 5 O’clock. Abigail said I’m tired now. She sat down on the sofa. Adriel said, let’s go home then. No, we have to put up the entire shop today itself replied Abigail. Abigail got up and started doing magic Adriel tried to stop her but she wasn’t in a mood to stop. Abby, please stop don’t do it shuddered Adriel if someone sees you, we will be in trouble. No one will see me replied Abigail. She decorated the entire shop with her magic. While decorating a corner of the shop she noticed that a lady is looking at her. The lady opened the door and asked what are you doing? Are you doing magic?  No, no, replied Abigail. Oh, my god, your witch screamed the lady. Oh my god you’ll destroy our town with your magic shouted the lady. Abigail was stuttering so Adriel commented no she wasn’t doing any magic and how can you come in our shop without our permission? The lady stared at Abigail in a horrified manner and said I’m going to the police station right now. No, please, don’t go to the police station pleaded Abigail. The lady was impertinent she walked out of the shop without saying a word.



Abigail I had warned you about this whole magic thing look what have you done now imparted Adriel. Oh my god, I’m scared what should we do now? quavered Abigail. Let’s go home advised Adriel. Okay, let me grab my stuff said Abigail and grabbed her stuff hurriedly. Both of them closed the shop and ran towards their car. Abigail was shivering so Adriel was driving the car. They reached home. Both of them were tired and frightened. They sat on the sofa in the living room Adriel said you’ve made a big mistake. Stop Adriel, I know I made a mistake, but you don’t have to repeat the same sentence again and again. What should we do now think of that scoffed Abigail? Calm down Abby, I think we should tell the truth when the police come replied Adriel. ‘Truth’ are you kidding me? Do you think they will believe us? questioned Abigail. I don’t know Abigail and what else we could do, then? queried Adriel. We can’t do anything we have to tell the truth to the police continued Adriel otherwise they’ll kick us out of this town. I’m sorry I was rude, I’m scared said Abigail and fell to her knees, crying out. Please don’t cry Abby we’ll sort this thing out replied Adriel and hugged her sister tightly. Deep emotions stir with no other outlet, but through their long-lasting sobs.


32 thoughts on “Abigail’s Miraculous Life

  1. Interesting story! I wonder what would happen next. I mean, some old time folks do not listen to reason especially if they witness something that is difficult to comprehend. I’d like to know what the sisters would decide to do – stay put or move away?


  2. Such a nice and interesting story and I really enjoyed reading this. I am looking forward on your next story I want know what will happen with Abigail and Adreil.


  3. Can’t wait for the next chapter. I have two girls and I wonder how they will be when they grow up. I really would like to see them being supportive to each other.


  4. You are such a good writer! I loved reading this story. The computer animations of the two girls are amazing! -Tonya Tardiff


  5. Some really really intriguing plot you have got there. Kept me guessing throughout. Wondering what the end of it would be like?!


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