Abigail’s Miraculous Life

Chapter 3: The Pleasant Stranger


It was an unpleasant cold winter night; dark, mystifying. Abigail and Adriel were feeling uneasy and anxious it was merely a little past midnight. Abigail was lying on the couch glaring at the ceiling and Adriel was sitting on the chair updating her journal. Both of them were in their own thoughts. Suddenly there was a rap on the doorway. Abigail came up and said “Police” Adriel I think there’s police at the door. Adriel replied relax Abigail wait, let me see who is it. A lady was slamming the door loudly. Adriel said who is it? Open the door, said the woman who was at the doorway. Who are you? asked Adriel in a fearful voice. I am Mrs. Thompson I came to your shop this morning open the door. Adriel opened the door. The lady asked in a loud voice can I come in? Adriel said yes, please. As the lady stepped inside the house, she said while grabbing a knife from her purse don’t do any magic or else I’ll kill you. Adriel chuckled. Why are you laughing are you trying to do any magic on me? My husband is the mayor of this town and he will arrest if you do so said, Mrs. Thompson. We aren’t doing any magic please come in replied Adriel. Mrs. Thompson came in and stood in the living room. Adriel was closing the door, then Mrs. Thompson shouted don’t close the door. Adriel left it open and came to the living room. Abigail offered a seat to Mrs. Thompson. Mrs. Thompson refused to sit as she thought that it might be magical and anything would happen to her. Now tell me why were you doing magic this morning? Are you here to destroy our town? Will you kill all of us? What do you both want? Asked Mrs. Thompson. No, no, we aren’t planning to make out any of such things replied both the sisters with tears in their optics.


Mrs. Thompson was a little rude and strict but she was kind-hearted. When she saw the sisters crying, she felt bad for her behavior. She sat down on the sofa and asked them politely what’s the matter, girls? If you tell me everything without lying I’ll assist you, but if you lie to me, I’ll penalize you severely said, Mrs. Thompson. Abigail looked at Adriel and said “if we tell you the truth promise us that you won’t expose it. Mrs. Thompson looked at both the sisters and said ‘I promise I won’t tell anything to anyone.’ Abigail replied I am Abigail Perkins and this is my younger sister Adriel Perkins. We came from Bloomsdale kingdom. We used to live a happy life with our elder sister Diana, our Father Noah and mother Grace, but one day the king of Bloomsdale Ethan Nightingale got to know that we are witches and we can do magic. My father and mother were also magicians, he needed my father to do magic for illegal and disrespectful things and my father declined to act thusly. He bolted down my father and then demanded my mother to do the same thing my mother turned away so he killed her and then he asked our older sister Diana to do the same thing and he threatened her that if she refused to behave so he’ll kill her also, then my sister did all those things which he said. He married our sister after some time and she gave way to his palace to dwell with him. She has become the bad witch. She started troubling the people of the kingdom and we both were protecting them, that’s why Both Diana and Ethan tried to kill us so we melted down from there and came to Norhill.

Mrs. Thompson sat quietly for a while and then said, Oh, that’s really sad you’ve lost your parents as she was kind-hearted she also started crying. There was a long silence in the room. After some time Mrs. Thompson said don’t worry I’m with you. I’ll help you, I live on the crossroad street you can come anytime there I’ll help you. She stood up and said I’m so sorry you went through very bad times. It’s too late now I guess I should go away. Adriel said in a low voice you won’t tell anything to the police right? I am a woman of my words I have promised you so I’ll keep my promise replied Mrs. Thompson. Okay, bye Abigail and Adriel oh, yeah, here my number call me if you need anything said, Mrs. Thompson while giving her visiting card to the sisters. Thank you so much Mrs. Thopmson replied both the sister and both of them went to the doorway to leave her.


17 thoughts on “Abigail’s Miraculous Life

  1. I used to love writing stories at school! Might give it a go.

    Just curious but noticed you don’t always use speech marks when there is direct speech between the characters. Is that intentional?


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