Abigail’s Miraculous Life

Chapter 4. Abigail’s first Customer


Abigail was making breakfast in the kitchen. After finishing she said, “Adriel come down, breakfast is ready.”Adriel comes down running and asks, “What do we have for breakfast?” ‘Pancake’, replied Abigail. “It’s our happy day you should’ve made something good Abby said, Adriel.” “I have to go to the shop Adriel I don’t have time” replied Abigail. Both have their breakfast then Abigail said, “Adriel please clean the kitchen now I’m going to the shop.” “Okay, ma’am I’ll do that, replied Adriel with a smile.” “Thank you I’m going now see you tonight,” said Abigail. And hey continued Abigail make something for lunch for yourself I’ll bring burgers for dinner. After some time Abigail left for her work.

After reaching there she opened the shop and went inside. She was doing some work and after a minute a girl came into the shop and asked, “Is this shop open?” Abigail stood up and said, “Yes, it is, please come in.” The girl stepped in, She was tall, slender-bodied, her hair was shoulder-length, her hair color was dirty blonde, her hairs were curly and dry. She was fair, but her face was dull, and she had braces. She asked Abigail, “I’m looking for a dress for a prom party?” “Yes, come here I’ll show you some nice dresses” replied Abigail. She went to the party dress section with Abigail. She was looking at all the dresses then, Abigail asked her, “May I know your name?” She looked at Abigail Smiled and said, “I’m Vanessa”.“Nice to meet you Vanessa”, replied Abigail. The girl took several dresses went to the trial room. Abigail noticed that it was quite long since the girl went to the trial room so, she went there. The door was closed, but Abigail heard the sobbing of the girl. Abigail knocked on the door and said, “Vanessa are you alright?” The girl blubbered.“Yes, I’m fine.” Can you please open the door?” exclaimed Abigail. Yeah, glumly said the girl. As she opened the door, a solemn tear fell down her cheek; her body looked calm compared to how tangled her mind was. Abigail puzzled, “What happened to you Vanessa why are you crying?” After hearing Abigail’s comforting voice she couldn’t hold her tears and cried out loud.“Oh my God, can you please tell me what’s the matter.” queried Abigail. Vanessa sat down on the chair in the trial room and said while weeping, “I’m the ugliest girl in the world.” No, you’re not Vanessa; nobody’s ugly. God has made all of us, and we all are just perfect”, replied Abigail.” Everyone’s perfect but just not me, everyone in my college makes fun of me, they tell that I’m the ugliest girl in the world,” cried the girl.


“No Vanessa every one of us is beautiful in our own way,” said Abigail. “I came here to buy a dress for a party but all these dresses are beautiful but when I wear them they also look ugly,” murmured the girl. “Okay, wait! I can help you but assure me you won’t talk about this to anyone”, said Abigail in a depressed voice. “How can you help me?” No one can help,” Replied the girl. “What will you do? Will you change my face?” Added the girl.“I am a witch, and I can do magic, with my magic I can do what I want.” said Abigail. The young lady looked at Abigail in astonishment, she didn’t articulate a word. “Abigail looked at her and said promise me you won’t tell about this to anyone.” “The girl said, Yes, while wiping her tears.” Abigail asked the girl to close her eyes, and she chanted a spell, “WITH ALL MY POWER I ASK YOU, GOD, MAKE THIS GIRL A BEAUTIFUL DOLL.” The magic happened and Vanessa stood automatically with a new apparel and her hair magically became purple. She looked into the mirror and shouted, “I’m actually looking stunning.” “You are beautiful dear”, replied Abigail. Thank you so much; I’m sorry, what’s your name? Asked the girl.” I am Abigail Perkins,” said Abigail while shaking hands with Vanessa. “Nice to meet you and you really made my day Abigail”, “Thank you so much”, by saying this Vanessa hugged Abigail. She paid for the dress and went home happily.



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