Abigail’s Miraculous Life

Chapter 5:  A Perfect Sunday

It was a pleasant Sunday morning, Abigail was sitting in her garden enjoying a cup of ginger-mint tea and Adriel was working in the garden. Adriel loved flowers very much and she wanted their garden to bloom with beautiful flowers. Abigail was reading a book while enjoying her tea, and then she noticed that Adriel was tired. Abigail offered her help but Adriel said, “it’s okay, I’ll do it.” After polishing off her tea Abigail went near Adriel and said, “you are doing so much hard work let me assist you.” She started chanting the spell “With all my power I ask you God make this garden bloom with beautiful flowers.” Adriel said, ” please Abigail how many times I’ve told you not to do magic they’ll throw us out of this town.” “I don’t care now Adriel I can’t cover the true statement. Let them know who we are; we know we are not bad people, so we don’t have to prove it.” “Okay since we are done with the garden let’s go out and explore the town bubbled Abigail. Adriel looked at her sister and said okay let me get ready.” Adriel went to her room changed her dress and came down.

lime and wood
Both the sisters sat in the car and went to the main street. They parked their car and were sauntering on the street. Abigail was fond of reading when she saw a bookshop she ran there to grab a book Adriel followed her too. Abigail took some books from there and both came out of the shop. While ambling on the street Adriel saw a clinic. She stopped and was noticing the building. There was a note on the board “Receptionist wanted, ” she read the entire article and asked Abigail “can I apply for this job Abby?” “Why do you want to do a job of a receptionist Adriel? Replied Abigail, do something else.” “Please, Abigail you only said we should execute what we love and I’d be happy getting along this job pleaded Adriel.” “Okay, if you want, you can do it replied Abigail.” “But apply for this job tomorrow, right now I’m starving let’s eat something.” “I can’t see any restaurant over here said Adriel.” There’s an amazing eatery in this lane called lime wood.” “They serve delicious food replied Abigail.” “How do you know that? Asked Adriel.” “One of my customers told me to reply Abigail.” “Okay, let’s go there.”

Ashley (2)

The sisters went to the Lime Wood restaurant. They were simply looking at the menu, and they were cut off by a woman. She came and said, “Hello, how can I help you?”. Both the sisters looked at her and said we’ll pay our order in a moment. “You are Abigail right?”, asked the lady. “Yes, I am, but how do you know my name?”, asked Abigail curiously. “Oh, I’m sorry I forgot to introduce myself, I’m Ashley the owner of this restaurant and Vanessa’s elder sister”, replied the women. “Oh hi, I didn’t know Vanessa has a sister”, replied Abigail nice to meet you Ashley added Abigail. “Nice to meet you too”, replied the women. “Thank you so much for helping my sister Abigail” added the woman. “Oh, it’s fine no problem you don’t have to thank me she’s a beautiful girl anyway”, said Abigail. The lady smiled and was looking at the sisters and was thinking that how do these women perform magic, then Abigail said don’t think too much dear we can read people’s mind as well. We would wish to place our order. The lady looked at Abigail in astonishment and said yes, please tell me what can I get for you? I’ll have the Gypsy tart and what do you want Adriel? “I’ll have Fish and chips”, replied Adriel. “Okay your food will be served in 10 minutes”, said the lady. Thank said both the sisters. They enjoyed their lunch and asked Ashley(the owner of the restaurant) for the bill, but she refused to take any money because she wanted to give something to Abigail for helping her sister. Abigail and Ashley exchanged their number and both the sisters went home happily. They were very happy because they made new friends in the town.


33 thoughts on “Abigail’s Miraculous Life

  1. Oh no! I really hope Vanessa’s sister won’t create a problem for Abigail and Adriel. I don’t know what you are planning but I already do not like her.


  2. This suddenly reminds me, does anyone here do chant your plants wishing them to grow beautifully?
    I used to do that back in grade school and for some reason it works.


  3. Haha, that was funny, how she read her mind. I enjoyed reading this chapter and must keep up and catch up! A very enjoyable read, thank you.


  4. I love creativity in writing. This was such a fun story to follow. And I adore her dress – ha! 🙂 Keep up the great writing!!


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