Abigail’s Miraculous Life

Chapter 6: Adriel got the job.

Adriel going

On Monday morning Adriel was getting ready for her interview. She was very excited and nervous at the same time for the interview. She stood in front of the mirror and started asking questions to herself and answered them as well. Abigail was standing out of her room and was smiling. Adriel heard footsteps of someone she looked back and saw Abigail smiling, she said, “You are not allowed to do this Abigail.” Abigail came into the room, she laughed and said, “Yes, I can do anything because I’m your elder sister.” Abigail started making fun of Adriel. Adriel took the pillow from her bed and started hitting her sister with it. Abigail was laughing so hard that she was not able to stop. Adriel pushed her and went down into the kitchen. Abigail had already made breakfast. Adriel sat on the dining table, Abigail came down. Both the sisters had their breakfast. Adriel said in a rude manner, “I’m going now”. “Wait I’m coming with you I’ll drop you to your destination, replied Abigail.” “No you don’t have to do that for me, said Adriel.” “Come on Adriel I was just kidding it’s okay don’t be so serious, replied Abigail while giggling”. “Stop teasing me Abby please, grinned Adriel.” Oh okay let me tell you some good words, umm All the best for your interview, don’t hesitate while answering any question and let me know if you get the job, replied Abigail.” Thank you, I love you, said Adriel while hugging her sister.”  Adriel looked at her watch and said, “Oh my god, I have to go now.” “I’m not coming with you I have to go on my own, added Adriel.” “How will you go Adriel we have only one car, replied Abigail.” “I’ll go on the bicycle, answered Adriel”. “But we don’t have one, said Abigail”. “Yes, I know but we can make one with our magic, replied Adriel.”  Both the sister smiled. Both the sisters went outside their house they strolled little further from their house, they saw their neighbor’s dog sitting there Abigail called the dog, when he came near her, she patted him gently  and chanted a spell “With all my power I ask you God make this dog a bicycle that rides like horse”.  With this spell, the dog turned into a beautiful bicycle with flowers in its basket. Abigail said you just have two hours Adriel after two hours this dog will come to its original position. Adriel looked at Abigail in astonishment and said goodbye to her sister and went on her bicycle for the interview. Abigail sat in her car and went to the shop.

While traveling to the interview she met  Ashley (the owner of Limewood Restaurant) on her way. She babbled for 30 minutes with Adriel. Then Adriel said to her, “I’m getting late for my interview. I’ll meet you later. See ya”.  On the route, while passing away she saw a woman fell on the road she stopped and helped that women, handed her water and moved forward on her way she suffered from a slight accident.  An old human being got in front of her and she couldn’t manipulate the speed and fell downwards. She got up, took her cycle and started riding after a few moments when the back tyre of the cycle changed and became dogs leg. Adriel didn’t notice that and she was riding the cycle very fast in order to get to her destination quickly. Everyone on the street was looking at her and making fun of her. After some time the dog came into existence the power of the spell got over. Adriel fell on the ground. She noticed that everyone’s looking at her, she got up and ran from there. The entire town started spreading this word. More or fewer people held her photo with her riding half dog half cycle. Adriel was unaware of this new-fangled affair.


She went for the interview and got selected. She was asked to join the chore from the next day. She was very happy. She went to the nearby store and purchased some chocolates for her sister. She ran to her sisters’ shop “The falling feather” to give her the good tidings. When she reached there she opened the door quietly Abigail was showing some dresses to her customer, Adriel walked slowly and hugged her sister from the back and shouted, “I got the job, I got the job.” Abigail was little afraid when her sister hugged her, then after hearing  Adriel’s voice she smiled and turned back and hugged back her sister and kissed her forehead. Both the sister’s enjoyed eating chocolates. Abigail offered some chocolates to her customers.


29 thoughts on “Abigail’s Miraculous Life

  1. I can relate to this! I have two sisters younger than me and growing up with them gave us our share of fights too. However, the secrets we shared between us were the most memorable. We knew what “sworn to secrecy” means!


  2. I am afraid now, people have seen adriel’s dog bicycle. I’m afraid that people will call them witch. I really hope Abigail comes up with something new asap.


  3. What a cute story about the relationship of sisters. I only have a brother and I think the relationship between us is a bit different x


  4. That is such a very nice and great story and having a sister in life that you are really close and as friend best friend or what thats we are being a girl.


  5. What a lovely little story, I love the use of magic , brings a bit of a surprising twist to the tale! Looking forward to seeing how Abigail gets on in her new job!


  6. Sisters will definitely do this to one another. I love how you have captured the spirit between the two of them as one embarks on a job interview.


  7. I can related to that elder sister part in the story by being sister to a lovely little sister…life is beautiful…..you have got talent to play with words…as I say always in my comments….do keep writing….waiting to read your stories in kindle soon….wishing you luck…


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