Abigail’s Miraculous Life

Chapter 7:  An awful first day.


Adriel went early on the first day of her job.  Dr. Lucas came a little late. The clinic was flooded with the patients. Dr. Lucas said to Adriel “Send each patient one by one.” Adriel replied in a polite manner, “Yes, doctor.”  As she called out for one patient, that patient stood up and came near her and said, “Are you the one who was riding a weird cycle yesterday?” Adriel looked at that patient in astonishment and didn’t give any reply. The patient smiled and went away. Then Adriel called out the next patient again the patient asked her the same question and she wasn’t able to say anything. She was terrified as almost each and every patient was asking her the same question.  She was in a forlorn state, she was confused, she didn’t know what to answer or articulate.  The closing time of the clinic was 6 O’clock a young boy entered the clinic. He was quite short, petite, blonde hair. His eyes were green and his skin was pale. Adriel felt that the young boy was of a hostile in nature. She greeted him with a smile and said, “ That the clinic is closed now, please come tomorrow.” The boy replied aggressively, “I know the clinic is closed I’m just here to make an appointment for tomorrow.” “Book my appointment for tomorrow”, he added. Adriel felt offended and replied in a low voice, “ Yes, sir.” She asked him in a polite manner, “May I know your name, sir?” The boy replied, “Troy Montez”.  She booked his appointment for the next day and said, “ Sir, you’ll have to come tomorrow at 12:15, Is that okay with you?” The boy replied disrespectfully, “Hmmm Yeah.” He was getting out the clinic, but suddenly he turned and came back to Adriel and said, “aren’t you the one who was riding a bizarre bicycle yesterday?” She just looked at him in dismay and said, “It’s time to close the clinic now can you please leave sir I want to shut down the clinic.” The boy looked at her in an inflamed manner and yelled at her, “You are not a normal person, I’m keeping a close watch on you”.  He went out and banged the door.

Adriel was not able to control her tears, she packed her bag, closed the clinic and ran fast. She was so upset that she forgot to get a cab. Her house was approximately 5 knots from the clinic, and she went home walking. As shortly as she arrived at home she screamed, “Abigail where are you?” I’m up here”, replied Abigail loudly from her way. Adriel went running upstairs and as she reached Abigail’s room, she hugged her sister and started crying. “Once that first tear broke free, the rest followed in an unbroken stream. Her shoulders shaking with grief, tears were streaming down her already wet cheeks.” Abigail asked her sister in a frightened manner, “Adriel what’s the matter? Why are you crying?” Adriel cried loudly after a while she was calm in the blazon of her sister and said, “Everyone in the clinic was asking me about my magical cycle”, and the last patient was really rude, he threatened me and stated, “I’m keeping a close watch on you”. I’m afraid Abby, these people will throw us out this town, said Adriel while wiping her tears. Oh, that’s why you’re crying so much Adriel, replied Abigail. Why do you always forget that we are witches, and we can do magic, with our magic we can make all the people forget this whole story added Abigail. Really, can we do that? Asked Adriel with gleaming eyes. “Yes, we can my dear sister, replied Abigail with a grin on her face.” “Let’s practice the magic now she added. We have to do this magic on numerous people, so we need some candles, incense sticks, some pebbles, and shells said Abigail in a low voice.”


Abigail got up, opened her wardrobe and from it she took out an old leather bag. It was a brown bag, big and heavy. She put down that bag on the floor. “What’s this?”, asked Adriel. “This is dad’s bag, the old magus who was the dad’s teacher as well as a friend had given this bag to dad. It holds tons of things which we can apply for our magic”, replied Abigail. She unfolded the suitcase and got some pebbles from it and shells, candles and few incense sticks. Adriel looked at everything in an excitement. She enjoyed looking at this mysterious bag. Abigail closed the bag and kept it in the wardrobe again. Both the sisters moved to the other room (the third bedroom which was a guest room) and shut the drapes. The room was dark Abigail lit all the four candles. She asked Adriel to sit down, both of them sat down. Abigail kept candles in a circular motion, she kept pebbles and shells in a circular motion as well and lit the incense sticks and kept them in the middle. For a while, she grabbed her sister’s hand and asked her to pray. Both the sisters closed their eyes and prayed for a while. After few minutes Abigail asked Adriel to look at the candle and imagine that moment when she was riding that magical cycle, she asked her to describe everything whatever had gone on over there. Adriel did so, after a while Abigail asked her to close her eye and chanted a spell, “With all my power I ask you God make the people of this town forget about the ride of cycle Adriel had got”. Now open your eyes Adriel, asked Abigail. When Adriel opened her eyes Abigail saw that there was a blue light in her eyes. “The magic worked, said Abigail in excitement.” “How do you know that it worked?”, asked Adriel. “Whenever we do big magic like this we see a blue light in the person’s eyes for whom the magic is being done.”, replied Abigail. “How do we understand that the magic did not work?”, asked Adriel. “Simple we don’t see any light in the eyes of a person”, replied Abigail. “Okay everything’s fine now let’s have dinner I’m starving “, said Abigail. Now I have helped you it’s your duty now to keep all these things in its place. Adriel kept everything on its place and went down for dinner.


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