Abigail’s Miraculous Life

Chapter 8: An adventurous weekend

The following week was very hectic for both the sisters. Both decided to spend some quality time together, so they went to Lime and Wood restaurant; there they met Ashley and Vanessa. Ashley and Vanessa joined the sisters for the dinner. While dining they were hashing out about their workplace and the hectic week. Adriel said, “This week was rather tough for me.” Abigail replied, “Yeah, this week I threw so much work at the store. I had to set up the inventory.” Ashley added, “Yes, this week was quite hectic, we both also worked too much and till late night.” Vanessa said, “I think we all need a break.” Adriel replied, “You are absolutely right.” “We all should go somewhere for relaxation” added Abigail. Ashley said, “Where shall we go?” Vanessa replied after a few minutes of contemplating, “Well, I found an idea.” All the other young ladies looked at Vanessa with gleaming eyes. We can go to Mayberry town, added Vanessa. Mayberry town sounds interesting, replied Abigail. “What’s there in Mayberry town and where is it?”, Added Adriel. “Oh, it’s a beautiful place to visit. Our ancestral home is there beside a river. It’s pretty awesome. We can spend some quality time there”, replied Ashley. Oh! wow, that sounds amazing, I’m totally coming”, bubbled Abigail. “Okay then, so we’ll leave tomorrow at 6 O’clock”, said Vanessa. “Yeah sure”, said everyone. They said goodnight to each other and went home in haste. In the morning Adriel and Abigail wake up early. They got ready quickly. Abigail packed their bags. The bell rang Adriel opened the door. Ashley and Vanessa have arrived Abigail, come fast. They all sat in a car and embarked on their journey.

After a long journey, they reached Mayberry town. As Ashley was driving the car, she knew the direction of their ancestral home. Their home was very famous in the town. Its name was “Highwood Residence”. People loved the architecture as well as the location of Highwood Residence. The young ladies arrived at the residence. As soon as they arrived the caretaker Mrs. Demi came and said, “Hello ladies welcome home.” The girls smiled and greeted her. Mrs. Demi said, “ I have cleaned all the bedrooms for you and lunch is also ready, you guys run short and get fresh I’ll pull in some cinnamon tea for you all.” “Cinnamon tea, sounds cool”, replied Adriel. The girls got fresh and came down, sat in the backyard. There was a beautiful lake in front of their backyard. This place is awesome, chirped Abigail. They were sitting and savoring the scene. Mrs. Demi came with a big tray in her hand. She kept the tray on the table. She poured cinnamon tea into the cup and served it with ginger cake and fresh plum. The girls after having their tea. Sat there in the backyard for an hour, then, they all went inside had their lunch and went outside and sat near the lake. Abigail was reading a book, Vanessa was sitting and glaring at the lake. Ashley and Adriel were sitting on the big rock which was just beside the lake and was playing with water. Time moved very fast it was dark they abruptly heard a loud outcry of a woman. “My baby is gone, my baby is gone, the woman shouted.” The girls got up and followed the voice of a woman. The voice was coming from the other side of the lake, the girls reached there immediately. They saw a woman sitting and sobbing and her husband was near the lake with a lamp in his hand, he was crying as well.

Abigail went near the lady and asked her, “What’s the matter? Why are you crying?” “My daughter is gone” replied the lady while crying out loud. “I’m sorry but can you tell us where she’s gone?”, Asked Vanessa with a low voice. “She was playing here with us and a boat came here, someone was there in that boat, they took my daughter and ran away”, cried the lady. “My husband tried to run after them, but he was not able to get them”, added the lady. “Do you who are they?”, asked Adriel. “No, we don’t know them”, replied her husband. “When did this happened?”, inquired Abigail. “The said, before half an hour.” Abigail got up and asked Ashley and Adriel to go where the lake ends. “Vanessa you stay here with this lady we’ll be right back”, said Abigail. The girls took a boat from Ashley’s backyard and went in the direction where the kidnappers went. Abigail was chanting a spell “With all my power I ask you, God, make us reach the place where the Kidnappers have gone”. In a moment the boat flew in the sky, Ashley got scared, but she remained quiet. The boat landed on a land, the girls got out of the boat, “Which place is this?”, asked Adriel. “This is the forest of Mayberry town”, replied Ashley. “It is dangerous”, she added, “Oh, really what’s so scary about this forest?” Asked Adriel. It’s haunted, replied Ashley. Adriel started giggling. “Shshsh wait girls, listen I can hear the cry of a girl”, said Abigail. The girls followed the voice. Abigail said, “there they are”, “girls hide behind the tree.” The girls hide behind the tree. Abigail chanted a spell, “With all my power I ask you God make me a dragon to save that child.” The spell worked, and she became a large dragon and went towards the kidnappers when they looked at the dragon, they all ran from there, leaving the little girl. The little girl cried when she looked at the dragon. The dragon followed the kidnappers and took one of them and threw him on the ground. After hitting the man, Abigail chanted a spell and came into her original disguise. She went near the girl, grabbed her and asked Adriel and Ashley to sit in the boat and chanted a spell so boat started flying. They reached their home and handed over the little girl to her parents. Both the parents thanked Abigail and asked her, “Are you a witch?” “Yes, I am”, replied Abigail. “Thank you so much for saving my daughters life”, said the lady while hugging Abigail. “It’s okay, we should help each other to maintain peace and harmony in our lives”, replied Abigail. The family went happily. Ashley and Vanessa startled, they were looking at Abigail and Adriel continuously. They talked about magic all night and the next day too.


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