Abigail’s Miraculous Life.

Chapter 8: Sweet Christmas…

The entire town was celebrating Christmas with their families. Abigail and Adriel were sitting at home. Abigail was reading a book and Adriel was baking cake. After sometime Adriel came and sat on the sofa and said, “I’m missing our family Abby”. “Do you remember our last Christmas?”, asked Adriel dolefully. Abigail closed her book, sat properly and said, “Yeah, I remember everything dear sister.” “I miss mom and dad”, bewailed Adriel. Abigail got emotional too, but she wanted her sister to enjoy the day, so she said, “Well, don’t be sad Adriel there are loads of other people in this world who are celebrating Christmas without their family, some people don’t even have food, some are sick, some don’t have a home. God gave us many things to be happy. It’s Christmas don’t be sad, let’s have some fun, beamed Abigail.” By looking at her sisters’ enjoyment Adriel said, “Let’s decorate our house then.” Abigail started doing her magic. She chanted a spell, “With all my power I ask you God, let snow fall in my house, like jumping mouse.” The snow started falling into the house and both the sisters started playing in the snow. Both of them were laughing loudly. They heard the knock on the door. Abigail opened the door and said, “Oh my god look who’s here?”. Adriel looked at the entrance with a gleaming eye, thinking about her sister Diana. Ashley and Vanessa came in and shouted, “Merry Christmas girls”. Adriel greeted them. All of them dined together and Vanessa and Ashley went to their home.

The next morning Adriel got up early, and she was going for a walk; when she opened the door, she saw some gifts there, she took all of them brought them into the living room. She started opening one gift. She opened one box, there was a beautiful red gown in it. Adriel thought about trying the gown, but when she looked at her watch it was very late. She rushed to her work. When Abigail woke up, she got ready and came down in the living room. She saw the gifts and called Adriel. Adriel was busy, so she didn’t answer her call. Abigail went to her shop. All day both the sisters were thinking about the gifts. Who sent gifts to us? Why anyone could send gifts to us?

The sisters arrived home. They saw some more gifts on the doorstep. Abigail bent down and took the gifts. Both the sisters went inside and opened the gift. This time there were two handbags and some flowers and chocolates. Abigail looked at Adriel and asked, “What do you think who might have sent these gifts?” Adriel thought for a while and said, “I don’t know it’s really hard to guess.” “Hmmm, but we’ll have to find out.”, replied Abigail. Both the sisters had dinner and went to their bedrooms. Abigail was not able to sleep. So she got up and went to the balcony. She was glaring at the sky and counting the stars. She heard the doorbell she went down and opened the door. No one was there at the doorstep but some more gifts. Abigail went out and looked back and forth, but she didn’t find anyone, so she went inside, opened the gift it was a big wall clock. Abigail kept the gift and went to her room. She lied down on her bed. Her thoughts kept her awake all night.


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