Abigail’s Miraculous Life

Chapter 10: The tale of the Gifter.

Abigail was disturbed because of the gifts from the stranger. She was enduring in the balcony enjoying the snowfall. She was contemplating about the stranger who was sending the gifts to the sisters. She saw a tall lady at the entrance of her house.  She was a slender, dirty blonde and wavy haired woman. The woman was wearing a long black hat so Abigail was not able to recognize her.  The woman was holding some gifts in her hands. She did not note that Abigail is looking on her. Abigail ran down to catch the lady. As soon as the lady dropped the gifts she rang the bell and was about to leave, Abigail opened the door. The lady started running Abigail ran behind her and grabbed her hand and said, “Who are you?” “Show me your face”, “Why are you giving us gifts?”, added Abigail. The lady looked back and said, “I’m your sister Abigail”. When Abigail looked at the lady she realized that it was her sister Diana. “Why did you come here Diana?” asked Abigail. We are living a happy and peaceful life here, are you here to destroy us?”, added Abigail. “Why would I do that Abby?” mumbled  Diana. I’m in trouble and I need your help added Diana.

    When Abigail looked at Diana and noticed that she’s crying, her heart melted and she asked her to come to her house. When they both entered the house, Abigail asked Diana to sit in the living room and called Adriel. “Adriel comes down, look who is here”, effused Abigail. Adriel came running down with a happy face, but as soon as she saw Diana, the colour of her face changed. She looked terribly distressed. When Diana saw Adriel she got up and hugged her before she could say something Adriel pushed her away and asked Abigail, “why is she here?” Diana started weeping. Abigail took Adriel to the next room and both started talking. “Why is she here Abigail?” “why the hell are you supporting her?” she’s a bad witch. She had destroyed our lives. Don’t forget that she’s been the one who made our lives miserable, cried Adriel. I know, I know to keep quiet. I don’t trust her either but I think she’s in trouble, said, Abigail. She came here to tell us everything she had gone through, added Abigail. Abigail calmed her sister down and both of them went to the living room. Diana looked at both of them and started telling her story, “When I wasn’t able to kill you both king Ethan treated me very badly. He kept me grounded for 3 months and he tortured me very much. After one year I managed to run away from there.” “I’m very disturbed I need your help please I’m really very sorry for my rude and obnoxious behaviour.”,she added. I know my mistake is unpardonable but you both are my sisters and I have this feeling that you both will forgive me.,cried, Diana. Abigail and Adriel thought for a while and Adriel said: “Yeah, it’s hard to forgive a foe like you but just for the sake of God we will let you stay with us”. “I’m warning you don’t try to ruin our lives now we had struggled a lot to reach here.” “if you do evil this time we won’t sit like fools we will also do the same to you”, added Adriel.

“Okay you can use the guest room”, said Abigail. “Keep all your stuff in that room”, added Abigail. Diana thank both the sisters took her stuff and went to the guest room to keep her stuff. Both the sisters waited until she moved. Abigail said, “we shouldn’t believe her”. We have to keep our eyes open all the time added Abigail. “Yeah you’re right, but that’s not possible without magic”, replied Adriel. “Yes, let me do some magic”, said Abigail and chanted a spell “with all my power I ask you, God, give me an angel who can keep a watch.” A cute little angel appeared in front of her and she asked the angel to keep a close watch on Diana.


11 thoughts on “Abigail’s Miraculous Life

  1. I am enjoying this fiction tale of Abigails’sMiraculousLife. Do you post on wattpad too?? If not then please check it…it is for aspiring writers…waiting to read more from you…all the best….


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